The optical communication technique has a number of advantages over electrical transmission, and therefore, optical fibers have largely replaced copper wire communications in core networks. The global market for optical networking and communications is expected to cross $40 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 7.6%. The massive growth in wireless network traffic, and high speed/high performance computing have put new demands and challenges in front of optical communication and photonics technology. The next generation optical communication devices are required to be highly flexible, scalable, support high speeds, consume less power, occupy less space and are cost effective. The next generation optical communication networks are desired to be flexible and more

全球外包市场在2019年达到了925亿美元,其中,印度占据了市场的百分之五十(50%)多。在该份额中,知识产权检索和调查(IP Research)已成为即将到来的领域,这归于如微软、苹果、谷歌、高通公司等科技巨头将他们的知识产权工作外包给印度的IP服务提供商。 IP服务提供商能够在许多类型的业务方面为客户提供支持,例如从检索、分析、校对、专利申请撰写、专利提交到研究和发展(Research & Development)。降低成本和提高周转时间是选用外包的主要目的。 因此,IP服务提供商能够通过提供有效的IP业务支持为单位提供优选的解决方案,便于单位能够集中在核心业务板块,从而提高生产效率和改善盈利能力。 more

Blockchain technology has followed different trajectories in the United States and China, two superpowers engaged in fierce technological competition. Till the year 2017, the US Companies - Mastercard, Bank of America, and IBM were leading the innovation race in the Blockchain technology, however, after 2017, there was a paradigm shift and Chinese companies started outpacing the US competitors in Blockchain innovation. Right now, Chinese Companies – Alibaba, Ping An Insurance, Tencent Holdings, and Baidu are some of the leading patent holders in the technology more

12. Wi-Fi 6 - Just an Upgrade OR a revolution?

14. Quantum Communication: Most secured way to transmit sensitive information

Wi-Fi 6 (or 802.11ax) is the latest IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless communication.  Whether it is a mere upgradation over its predecessors or a revolution, can only be known after its widespread implementation takes place. Wi-Fi 6 provides substantial improvement over prior WLAN standards. Wi-Fi 6 has been developed to support massive IoT requirements of the future. The standard is nearing its finalization & ratification, and Wi-Fi Alliance started certification of Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices in September, more

4.  Standard Essential Patents – Key aspects and Importance in today’s world

11. China pulls ahead of US in Blockchain technology race

We have seen advancement in user interface (UI) technology in the past few decades from command line interface to graphical user interface (GUI). To elaborate, probably two decades ago, we could only communicate with the computer by typing commands. Then came the era of GUIs, that we use daily on personal computers and smartphones. In future, whether we talk about AR/VR or mixed reality, it is not going to be in 2D anymore, it will have a third dimension and that will be spatial computing.

Spatial computing is the technology which makes the computer’s user interface a seamless part of the 3D environment which we live more

现今,SEP对公司来说是重要的财产并且具有战略价值。SEP许可成为许多公司营收策略的重要部分。这些财产被公司用来向世界和他们的竞争者说明他们的技术实力。本文介绍SEP,SSO,FRAND和与SEP相关的诉讼问题的基本概念。此外,已经讨论了印度和中国的标准必要专利的现状。 more

3.  Where is Nifty heading to?

A given patent is essential to a standard if utilization of the standard results in infringement of the patented technology. In simpler terms, Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) are patents that are inevitable for the implementation of a standardized technology. Nowadays, SEPs are important assets and hold strategic value for the companies. Licensing of SEPs forms a substantial part of many companies’ revenue strategy. These assets are used by companies to demonstrate their technology strength to the world and their competitors. This article deals with basic concepts of SEPs, SSOs, FRAND and Litigation issues related to more

20. Spatial Computing

Intricate Research and our strategic partner, Walker Clark LLC, announce a Webinar on Patent Service Outsourcing for Patent Law professionals. The webinar will talk about the business case for outsourcing of law firm operations. It will provide an overview on different types of IP and in detail discuss about patents and its importance. The speakers will shed light on how it has become increasingly clear that IP strategy and management is essential to an organization and how it drives performance and gives competitive edge. Before providing insights on the patent outsourcing, the speakers will touch upon the key patent services that can be more

15. Falling Indian stock market - A real buying opportunity or is it like catching a falling knife?

5.  标准必要专利(SEP)-当今世界的关键和重要因素

​​2.  EUV Lithography - The Future of Lithography

8.  知识产权(IP)运营或货币化-售后回租选择

9.  IP Outsourcing – A Smart Option

​​1.  ​​​Recent Technology Developments in Optical Communications

Indian stock market has experienced a sharp fall of around 40% from its high (NIFTY fell from 12430 to 7511) in Feb and March. Last time such a fall happened in 2008 recession; however, it was not as steep as it has been now. In April, the stock market recovered ~30% from its low, making people falsely believe that market has become bullish after hitting the bottom. Most of the retail participants have started experiencing FOMO and are eager to invest in the market. the retail participants need to be cautious as it can be a dead cat bounce and a more

Today, data is the lifeline of individuals and its security is paramount. Hackers are always waiting to misuse it. Simple encrypted data can be easily read and copied by hackers without leaving any trace. Quantum communication makes it extremely difficult to hack the communication channel. even if the hacker is able to hack the quantum bits, a sign of malicious activity is left behind. Realizing the power of Quantum communication, countries like US and China have started using quantum communication networks known as QKD (quantum key distribution) more

“World trade means competition from anywhere; advancing technology encourages cross-industry competition. Consequently, strategic planning must consider who our future competitors will be, not only who is here today.” – Eric Allison
Competitor monitoring studies act as eyes in the back of your head. Effective competitive intelligence in today’s barrage of technology advancement and an avalanche of IP is nearly impossible without more

innovate  |  protect  |  monetize 

7.  IP Monetization – ‘Sale AND Leaseback’ Option

16. Industry 4.0 – Relevance in Current Scenario of COVID-19

13. Inflight Connectivity – No more a Luxury

17. 4D Printing: Revolution in the manufacturing industry

Nowadays, people want to stay connected to the world no matter where they are. They need continuous access to E-mails, SMS, social media, etc. Therefore, in-flight connectivity, is becoming increasingly important factor for the passengers when choosing an airline. A survey showed that ~67% of passengers are more likely to rebook with an airline that has high-quality Wi-Fi. Global in-flight connectivity market is expected to witness a sharp growth. In-flight connectivity has now become a major service more

19. Competitor Monitoring: Track your competition to stay ahead of the competition

Some incidents remind you of life lessons that you tend to forget. Such incidents make you realize that no one is poor enough to lose a self-respect. Hardwork & dedication go a long more

In this article, we discuss status of SEPs and FRAND royalty in India and China. In India, with time, the SEP and FRAND dispute resolution procedures are gradually maturing. However, there is still a long way to go before the Indian legal system becomes a preferred destination for SEP related matters. On the other hand, the Chinese companies have brought the country on the world map in terms of SEPs. In recent years, China has become a big player in SEP market. The Chinese companies are not just developing patents which are standard essential but are also acquiring the same to stay ahead in the race of SEPs. There is major focus of Chinese Govt. as well as Chinese companies to not just stay in the race of SEPs but also win more

18. A Real Life Incident


The global outsourcing market stood at USD 92.5 bn in the year 2019, wherein India dominates by capturing almost 57 percent of the market. In this share, Intellectual Property (IP) Research has been an upcoming field, which can be attributed to the fact that big technology giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Qualcomm, etc. are outsourcing their IP work to IP service providers. IP service provider can support the clients with various functions ranging from search, analysis, proof reading, drafting, patent filling, to research & development. The major objective achieved through outsourcing is cost reduction and improved turnaround time. IP service providers present an organisation with an optimal solution through efficient IP support functions, enabling them to focus on their core businesses leading to increase in productivity and more

During the last few years, Industry 4.0 concept has gained momentum and is considered a game-changer for the entire industry. Industry 4.0 encompasses technologies such as IoT, Cyber-physical systems, AI, and Cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 concept analyses data to identify patterns and insights in a short span of time. Now, when the whole world is suffering due to COVID-19, and people are only buying essentials, the industries are witnessing a huge fall in the demand for goods & services. It would be interesting to see how industries perceive Industry 4.0 implementation in the short-term in post COVID-19 more

10.  知识产权(IP)服务外包——一个聪明的选择

EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography) lithography is a lithography technique which uses an EUV light having extremely short wavelength of 13.5 nm. It allows exposure of fine circuit patterns with a half-pitch below 20 nm that cannot be exposed by the conventional optical lithography techniques. With the development of EUV lithography, Moore's law still holds true. This lithography technique is expected to revolutionize the state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing. Semiconductor industry as a whole is innovating in the EUV space as it transitions high end technology production from 193nm to EUV. EUV lithography market is expected to grow from USD 2.98 billion in 2018 to USD 10.31 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of more

After the election results are out with NDA forming the government once again, everyone is too bullish on the Indian Market. Big investment companies like Morgan Stanley are giving huge targets of 13500 for Nifty by June 2020. Is it actually that bullish or just a positive wave of NDA winning? Will this momentum actually last long? Before, accepting this….I would say Wait! more

6.  Standard Essential Patents – Indian and Chinese Perspective

The conventional 3D-printing technologies fabricate structures (which are static in nature) from a single material. Therefore, all the demands of dynamic functions needed for applications such as grippers for surgery, self-folding packaging, and adaptive wind turbines are not met. To overcome this limitation, researchers have come up with a new technology i.e. 4D Printing. 4D printing is the process through which a 3D printed object transforms itself into another structure under the influence of external factors such as temperature, light, or other environmental more

21. Webinar - Patent Service Outsourcing: Benefits, Engagement Models, and Requirements

培育和加强IP资产对创新、技术增长和竞争是必不可少的,而且这些IP资产还能够作为金融杠杆工具来使用成为营收来源。IP资产的商业化和货币化为借款人提供了许多信贷的替代选择,尤其是那些在其他资源方面为轻资产的商业模式。有许多方式能够让IP资产产生资金。一般来说,IP的原始拥有者从公共部门、银行或私有资源那获得融资。许可和商业销售是运营IP资产的最简单方式。创造收益的一种选择方式是IP资产抵押。创造收益还有一种选择方式是“售后回租”,这种方式在IP领域中还没有很好地运用起来。在这类金融交易中,一方将资产卖掉,然后将长期回租该资产。采用这种方式,一个人可以在不拥有资产的情况下继续使用该资产。 more

The development of IP assets is not just essential for innovation, technology growth and competitiveness, these assets can also be leveraged as a financial instrument for source of revenue. The commercialization and monetization of IP Assets offers a number of credit alternatives for borrowers, especially for businesses which are light on the other resources. There are a number of options by which the IP assets could generate finance. One of the options for revenue generation is ‘Sale and Leaseback’ which has not been well explored when it comes to field of IP. In this financial transaction, one sells an asset and leases it back for the long term. Using this option, one continues to use the asset without owning more