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We, at Intricate Research, help our clients by conducting detailed searches for identifying any products that may infringe on the subject patent. The infringement search results in identifying a list of products/services/standards that may be based on the technology of the subject patent.


The search process includes preparing a list of top players in the technology area related to the subject patent and preparing a list of target products, which includes searching on company/OEMs websites, 3rd party subscriptions & various other databases. Once the relevant products are identified, the analysis is further completed by referring to various catalogues, manuals, data sheets, white papers, product brochures/literatures, etc. to ascertain the infringement. At times, we have also performed hands-on product testing in order to ascertain infringement.

Depending on the claims of the patent, another approach is also taken to see if any of the latest standards incorporate the features of the patent. We have strong experience of working on different standards including IEEE, 3GPP, MPEG etc.

While preparing an Evidence of Use chart, we emphasize on:
1. Developing clear understanding of target patent and its claim(s) in light of patent specifications and file history to derive the broadest possible interpretation of the independent claims.
2. Analyzing and creating an exhaustive list of potential infringers.
3. Performing a thorough search on the identified companies and analyzing there product portfolios in order to find the best infringing product.
4. Granular mapping of the target claim elements to the identified products/standards.


patent valuation

The development of patents is not just essential for innovation, technology growth and competitiveness, these assets can also be leveraged as a financial instrument for source of revenue. The commercialization and monetization of IP assets offers a number of credit alternatives for borrowers, especially for businesses which are light on the other resources. Therefore, it is very important to first know the actual valuation of your IP asset. We at Intricate Research assign a monetary value to your IP asset which lets you unleash the hidden potential of your IP asset. Our in-house experts use a multidisciplinary approach for determining the optimal value of an IP asset by conducting technical, market/industry, financial research. We have developed financial models which assist in ascertaining a patent's real value. Patent Valuation study enables a company to achieve its strategic and financial goals.


Broker Tie Ups | Intricate Research

We have partnered with a number of patent brokerage firms which have years of experience in monetization (sell/purchase/licensing) of patent assets. Whether you want to sell/out-license your patents or looking out to purchase/in-license patents, we can help you find suitable target to meet your needs. In collaboration with our partner brokerage firms, we create an attractive marketing package for monetization of patent assets. The brokerage firms leverage their industry knowledge and experience to identify potential buyers/licensees and generate value proposition for the patents to be monetized.

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