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Last Sunday, I went to More Megastore to buy daily essentials. When I stopped my car, a destitute middle-aged man approached me. He said “Sir, please give me some work, I have nothing to eat”. I thought that he is a beggar and offered him some money. Handing over the money to him, I started walking forward. He stopped me saying “Sir, I want money only if you give me some work”. I insisted by saying: “I don’t have any work for you, keep the money”. But his resistance was stronger so I thought I should give him some fake work so that he takes the money and goes away. I asked him to clean my car as I have not cared to clean it during the lockdown (thanks to my laziness). I always keep a cloth and a bottle of water in my car. I gave both the items to him and went into the store. When I returned, my car was actually clean and he had done a great job. I gave him the money and he said “Sir, Thank you”. I asked his name and what he did. He said “Sir, my name is Om. I used to distribute newspapers but due to corona, people are not buying newspapers and now, I am jobless”. Then, I thanked him for reminding me of some life lessons that I had forgotten. While I was in my thoughts, some people asked him to clean their cars. I turned on my car, smiled, and drove away.

It is a true incident which took place with our co-founder Tushar Gupta.


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