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patent drafting

Patent Drafting is the art of techno-legal writing to encompass different features of an invention in a written form. We, at Intricate Research, follow a comprehensive approach to cover all aspects of an invention, including current and future designs and applications, ensuring complete protection.

While drafting the claims, we not only focus on getting them granted, but also keep in mind the commercial value of the invention. The patent specifications are drafted which conform to the standards and requirements of various jurisdictions where the client plans to file the application.

PATENT filing

Patent filing is a procedural and complex activity which requires submitting various forms in a specified format within strict timelines as specified by the patent office. We, at Intricate Research, assist our clients in every step of the patent prosecution starting from patent application filing to the grant of the application. We help our clients at every step of patent filings in Patent Offices across the globe. We have a team of patent agents and patent attorneys who have vast experience in patent filings and can consult on the best filing strategy matching your business strategy.

patent illustrations/patent drawings

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Patent drawings play a significant role in precise understanding of an invention. Drawings are an essential part of patent application. Therefore, it is important to prepare patent drawings which provide clear and accurate representation of the invention as well as comply with the rules and regulations of the patent office.

We, at Intricate Research, have a team of draftsmen who have vast experience in creating drawings for patents filed in all the major jurisdictions. For us, the quality of drawings is paramount. Therefore, we use most advanced software tools for preparing the patent drawings in different file formats as per client's requirements.

patent prosecution

Patent prosecution refers to interaction between applicants and the patent office with regard to an application, or a patent. We cater to both pre-grant and post-grant prosecution requirements of our clients.

Pre-Grant Prosecution: We at Intricate Research, draft an application for an invention by working hand-in-hand with the inventors to understand the nature of the invention and help clarify novel features of the invention to the patent office. We at Intricate Research, also prepare office action responses and defensive disclosures. Our team develops office action response strategy which ensures that the patent gets granted in a timely fashion with minimal amendments.

Post Grant Proceedings: We at Intricate Research, are experienced in using patent post-grant proceedings as a tool for strengthening our client’s IP strategy. As a client driven organization, we help our clients achieve their desired goals. Whether our client wants to defend a patent, invalidate a patent, file post grant opposition or go into post grant review or simply reach a satisfactory settlement, we assist them at every step.