Realizing the power of Quantum communication, countries like China, US have started using quantum communication networks known as QKD (quantum key distribution) networks. China has the longest QKD network which covers ~2,030 kms ground link between Beijing and Shanghai.US start-up Quantum Xchange has laid 805 kms of fiber-optic cable to create a QKD network. The initial leg will connect Manhattan with New Jersey, as many Multinational Banks have large data centres across the East Coast.

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Today, data is the lifeline of individuals and its security is paramount. Hackers are always waiting to misuse it. Simple encrypted data can be easily read and copied by hackers without leaving any trace.

To make this a one-sided game, Quantum communication uses laws of quantum physics (basically, using principle of state of superposition) to encrypt data. Photons encrypt data by representing them as a multiple combination of 1 and 0 simultaneously, unlike the simple encryption. Using these principles, encrypted data becomes difficult to hack and even if the hacker is able to hack the quantum bits, a sign of malicious activity is left behind. Game complete – checkmate.

Quantum Communication: the Most secured way to transmit sensitive information

May 15, 2020