standard essential patent (sep) analysis

We, at Intricate Research, provide in-depth analysis of technology standards and standard essential patents (SEPs).

patent-to-standard mapping

Standard mapping service involves analysis of technology standards and patent claims to identify overlap between the two. If a patent is found to be essential to a technology standard, it can drastically increase the value of the patent. If one misses out on identifying all the relevant standard essential patents while implementing a technology, one may get exposed to patent infringement litigations and suffer huge financial losses. Therefore, standard mapping service is very important for both patent licensee and patent licensor.

We, at Intricate Research, have a team of highly capable engineers who have gained expertise in a wide range of technology standards developed by various standard setting organizations (SSOs) e.g. IEEE, 3GPP, ITU etc. Our core expertise lies in patent to standard mapping for telecommunications and audio/video codec technologies.

standard essential patent verification

In this service, we analyze the essentiality of standard-declared patents. Based on the extent of overlap between the claims and the declared standard’s features/sections, a determination is made that whether the patent is essential or related to the declared standard.

SEP-Based Continuation Recommendation

The service involves an in-depth analysis of a patent to identify unclaimed technical subject matter in the description of the patent and thereafter, a search is conducted for such unclaimed technical subject matter in related technology standard(s). Based on the extent of overlap of the unclaimed technical subject matter with the identified technology standard(s), we provide a recommendation for continuation patent application filing. This enables our clients to uncover hidden potential in their IP assets, extract true value of their patent assets, and expand their portfolio in a right way.

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