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patent land

Patent landscape provides a snap-shot of the patent situation of a particular technology or in a company of interest. Apart from providing a bird’s eye view, the landscape report outlines the key features of the particular technology area of interest.

 The report helps in identifying:

  • Innovative focus of companies, industries and countries

  • Technology leaders and their IP strategies

  • Potential white spaces in a technology domain/patent portfolio

  • Technological positioning of companies

  • Companies’ R&D strategy

  • Unique selling points of companies

  • Strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios



This service provides current market scenario of a particular technology area. Our goal is to help our clients in understanding current market scenario and future scope of development while entering a new technology domain or geographical region. We gather data from various sources/databases to provide our clients a big picture with in-depth analysis of a technology market. Our experts provide a detailed study which outlines key market trends, valuable products, major players and their strategies. We also prepare competitor intelligence reports to help our clients understand innovation focus, market penetration strategy, development plans of their competitors.

patent porttfolio


Competitor monitoring involves comprehensive study of a competitor’s patent portfolio and patenting strategy. Based on client requirement, competitor monitoring may be a one-time analysis of competitor’s patent portfolio or a periodic patent watch.

Patent Portfolio Analysis: As part of this service, competitor's patent portfolio is thoroughly examined and segmented in a manner which helps in better understanding of the competitor’s overall strategy. Further, from the portfolio, key patents are identified. For identifying key patents, we have an in-house proprietary patent ranking tool which takes into consideration various qualitative and quantitative parameters. For each identified key patent detailed comments are provided. Legal Status for each patent is provided. Furthermore, the report includes competitor’s SWOT analysis. The in-depth analysis is extremely useful in understanding competitor’s strategies of M&A, R&D, key innovators in competitor’s company.


Patent Watch/Monitoring: In this service, regular monitoring/ tracking of patents is conducted based on client request. The newly published patent applications and issued patents in the targeted technology are monitored to help the client stay abreast of technical developments in the field of interest. The watch service helps in analyzing concerned patents in the technology field to identify business opportunities/ threats. Using this service - new pending patent applications, newly granted patents, new abandoned or expired patents, legal status change, and new litigations can be tracked by the client to stay ahead of its competitors and have a forward-looking approach.


expert patent analysis

In this service, a quick analysis of patent is performed to determine technical scope and market applicability of the patent. The analysis involves assessment of the patent quality based on various parameters. This service can be used for identifying high quality assets in a patent portfolio. Clients may utilize this service for patent portfolio pruning, identifying quality of a patent portfolio. The service provides information about market applicability of the patented technology, current technical solutions present in the market, and the impact of the patented technology. This service may also act as a pre-screening step for identifying potential patents for evidence of use analysis


trademark monitoring

Trademark Monitoring provides the information needed to enforce trademark rights and keep track of recently filed/published/registered trademarks. It is a service that notifies the clients when others submit similar trademarks or logos so that the client can object to and stop the competitors. Based on the trademark and nature of business, related Nice classification(s) and design search codes are identified. The search will be performed on periodic basis.

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