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A patentability search helps in identifying relevant prior arts at the initial stages of intellectual property creation. It enables you to take informed decisions about patent drafting & filing strategies and, in turn, reduce patent prosecution cost and time.

We perform patentability searches with an approach to comprehensively search every aspect of an invention to find out closest prior art and provide a well-informed patentability opinion.


Validity - Invalidity - Intricate Research

At Intricate Research, we have expertise in performing Invalidity / Validity searching. While performing Invalidity / Validity search, we specifically focus on:

(i)   Making an accurate understanding of the technology of the patent and scope of the claims.

​(ii)  Accurately defining the novel aspect of the patent based on Specifications and File History.

(iii) Validating that the identified prior art serves as a valid prior art under respective regional laws, for example, 35 USC 102/103 for US and Article 54, 56 of EPC.


Our search strategy is comprehensive and covers a variety of aspects including Keywords based searching, Patent classification based searching (for example, CPC, IPC, USC, FI, F-Term based searching), Assignee and Inventors based searching, Citation Search / Spider searching, and semantic searching.


state of art search

We, at Intricate Research, assist our clients in FTO searches for various jurisdictions worldwide on a variety of technology domains including Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences domain.

Our deliverables include an exhaustive list of potentially harmful patents. We prepare mapping between the claims of these patents and the key features of the product. We also provide valuable information about the legal status of the patents, especially applications that are in prosecution stage.


State of Art search provides up-to-date information about progress in a specific technical field. It is a survey that takes a broad look at everything that has been done in a given technology area. For a company which is currently active in a particular field, the results of a State of Art search can pave a path that can be followed to design around the current art. By providing the State of Art search, we allow our clients to spot new market entrants, close competition, and to identify new technological trends.


patent summary analysis

In Patent Summary Analysis, the patent is analyzed to identify the advantages of the patented technology and the market applicability of the innovation. This analysis encompasses the separate sections discussing problems in prior art, summary & advantages of the invention, market applicability of the patented technology, impact of invention, and list of companies which can be potential licensees of the patented technology.



Trademark helps in establishing an identity of a brand, product, or service. A trademark search helps in identifying same and similar trademarks existing in public domain or registered with a trademark office. This service helps you ascertain whether the desired trademark is available to use before taking decision about trademark filing and marketing of related product/service. This, in turn, reduces trademark prosecution cost and time. Further, this helps in creating a distinct brand identity.
Based on the trademark and nature of business, related Nice classification(s) and design search codes are identified. We perform trademark search with an approach to comprehensively search for trademarks with phonetic and visual similarity using the relevant class codes, keyword variations, and homophones. The marks are primarily searched and examined in consideration of the “likelihood of confusion” standard.

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