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Intricate Research and our strategic partner, Walker Clark LLC, announce a Webinar on Patent Service Outsourcing for Patent Law professionals.


The webinar will focus on advanced law firm management.

The webinar will talk about the business case for outsourcing of law firm operations. It will provide an overview on different types of IP and in detail discuss about patents and its importance. The speakers will shed light on how it has become increasingly clear that IP strategy and management is essential to an organization and how it drives performance and gives competitive edge. Before providing insights on the patent outsourcing, the speakers will touch upon the key patent services that can be outsourced.

This webinar will encompass various aspects and dimensions relating to patent outsourcing and engagement models and how outsourcing provides a more effective operating environment. Also, Intricate Research will discuss competencies of a good service provider and some common requirements before outsourcing. Before the Q&A session, an interesting case study/ landscape study on 'Autonomous Vehicles' will be presented.

Webinar Agenda includes:

1. How to evaluate the business case for outsourcing of law firm operations

2. An introduction to Intricate Research

3. The types of IP that are opportunities for outsourcing

4. The importance of patents

5. The key patent services that currently are available to law firms

6. Outsourcing engagement models and their benefits

7. Case study: Autonomous Vehicles

8. Questions and Answers

Our panel:

Norman Clark (Walker Clark) Fernando Moreno (Walker Clark) Tushar Gupta (Intricate Research)

Gaurav Khandelwal (Intricate Research)

There is no cost or obligation to attend this seminar, but pre-registration is required because the number of available seats for this seminar is limited.​

Because of the global nature of our audience, we are offering three sessions of this program.

Three sessions: Session -1:“Asia-Pacific” session (4th March 2021 - Thursday) - 0300 UTC (Thu) - 0830 (Thu) Mumbai - 1000 (Thu) Bangkok / Hanoi / Jakarta - 1100 (Thu) Hong Kong / Perth / Shanghai / Singapore - 1200 (Thu) Seoul / Tokyo - 1400 (Thu) Auckland / Sydney

Session – 2:"Africa - Europe - Middle East" session (18th March 2021 - Thursday) - 1400 UTC (Thu) - 1400 (Thu) Dublin / London - 1500 (Thu) Berlin / Lagos / Rome - 1600 (Thu) Bucharest / Cairo / Cape Town / Kyiv / Sofia / Tel Aviv - 1700 (Thu) Istanbul / Moscow - 1800 (Thu) Dubai

Session – 3:“Americas” session (8th April 2021 – Thursday) - 1700 UTC (Thu) - 0900 (Thu) Los Angeles / Silicon Valley / Vancouver - 1100 (Thu) Guatemala / Chicago / Houston - 1200 (Thu) Florida / New York / Toronto / Western South America - 1400 (Thu) São Paulo​


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